Kashmir Saffron

Kashmir is known as the valley of flowers. Among several varieties of flowers grown there, saffron has its own importance and utility. Kashmir has the proud privilege of being a place where saffron grows. There are two places in Kashmir that are able to be a land for saffron cultivation. One of these two places is Pampur. Pampore or Pampur is a historic town situated on the eastern side of river Jehlum on Srinagar-Jammu National Highway in Jammu and Kashmir. It is worldwide famous for its Saffron, so known as Saffron Town of Kashmir. The area is about 11 km from Srinagar city centre Lal Chowk. Pampur is a lush and pristine area which is outstanding place for cultivating saffron.

The saffron plant is very small and its flower is the only part which is seen above the ground. The harvesting time of this saffron is autumn. The best environment for cultivating saffron is cool dry climate and rich soil with organic fertilizers and Kashmiri lands are famous for this rich qualities. The stigmas of Kashmiri saffron are very long and with thick head. They are dark red color. The quality of soil and suitability of climate have significant impact on size of stigmas. There are three grade of saffron that are available in Kashmir. Lachha saffron, Mongra saffron and Zarda saffron. Kashmiri saffron is well known for its exotic aroma and as a flavor in culinary preparation. Kashmiri saffron has deep dark maroonish-purple hue. While Persian saffron has about 70% of total world production, in case of quality Kashmiri saffron is the best and finest.